Our Process

Understanding a company’s process is important for business success. At TechSors, we closely keep our clients involved in every step of the process, so that communication is clear and the project moves forward in a expansive direction.

Research & Planning

We always meet with the client to determine the purpose of the project, understand the type of look-&-feel that is preferred and reach a rough framework that will match the project’s objectives, should it be generating more traffic, branding, lead generation, affiliation or any other objective.

Wire Frame

Our sketches summarise the logical design of the interface and include details such as the controls in the screen, the size and location of each control, etc. The idea behind the wireframes is to deliver a general concept which includes layout, navigation and operation principles end-to-end

Visual & Motion Design

After the conceptual frame is created, we begin working on the system’s look and feel, fitting the right design language and suiting a tailor-made set of icons to correspond. This stage is the most important stage as it normally determines the look of your project


The development side of the project takes into consideration the logical design of the interface and conclusions reached throughout previous stages. Knowing the overall look of the site, we then continue to the GUI tier, binding all the beautiful elements and behaviour to the backend with front-end techniques and tools.


While we always work in iterations allowing you to be a part of the process, we understand that the hard work comes after we have delivered the goods. We don’t just launch your product and leave you to fend for yourself. TechSors provides ongoing support, analyses the product to look for room for improvement and is available constantly to cater your needs.