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Our Benefits

Our Benefits: Find out What Sets Us Apart from the Crowd

Friendly Collective

TechSors is very much a team, and while certainly we are all colleagues, we also have developed friendships to span beyond the work place environment.

Leader's Support

Those who manage and lead each department are seen less in our company as authoritative figures, and more as a friendly face and one of the team.

Knowledge Sharing

With so many talented and knowledgable individuals working at TechSors, there's plenty of learning to go around. Our environment offers plenty of opportunity to gain knowledge and share what you know with others.

Flexible Schedules

Because many of us work remotely, schedules are also flexible. Everyone is incredibly understanding if something comes up in your personal life, or if you suddenly need to tend to important business.

Remote Work

The remote work aspect of TechSors is cutting edge. Work from your laptop anywhere in the world and still get paid! Good internet connection required.

Community Impact

Because we work with such a wide variety of brands and businesses, what we do can have a major community impact. This means you not only get to work from the comfort of home, but you get to help people and communities too!